Complete a Garmin Task

This article provides an in-depth guide on completing Garmin Tasks on the Labfront Companion app, including troubleshooting.

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This article covers the steps required for completing manual data collection (streaming) tasks with Garmin--available in summer 2023

For other tasks, please check out this article instead

Completing a Garmin Task

Before you start a Garmin Task, make sure your Bluetooth is on and your device is shown as Connected. Follow these instructions if you haven't set up your device yet.

Click on the task from the Tasks page and read the instructions carefully.  

When you see Garmin is ready, click Start Recording to begin the task and start collecting data. You'll see the task duration displayed at the bottom. 


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You can minimize the task and it will continue to record. However, the device should be kept near your phone while you're recording or the Garmin device could disconnect and your data will not be recorded during that time.


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Currently, the task will time out in 60 minutes. If you still need to record, please start a new recording.


To complete the task, click Finish Recording to submit data. You'll see a message that your data has been saved. This completes the task and stops the data collection. Task complete! 👏

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Uploading Data

The data will automatically start uploading once your data has been saved. The data upload progress will be displayed at the top of the screen. Keep the app open and in the foreground until you see the message that your data has been uploaded. 
Data Upload - Success
You'll be able to view the last completed time on the Tasks page. View Task History to see all of your previously completed tasks.
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Garmin disconnected during task recording

During your task recording, you'll be able to see the connection status of the device. If for some reason the device disconnects during recording, the timer will continue to run but the data collection will be paused until the device reconnects.
Usually, making sure your device is near your phone solves this problem. Otherwise, try turning your phone's Bluetooth on and off to reconnect the device. 
Once the device is reconnected, the data recording will resume. 
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⚒️ Need Additional Troubleshooting Support?

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