Create Questionnaires

Create questionnaires for your participants to complete during the project.

If you want to create questionnaires for your participants to complete during the project then you will need to create the questionnaires.  You can create new questionnaires from scratch, select from existing questionnaires from your previous projects or select from one of the existing Labfront questionnaires. Labfront questionnaire creator supports text input, multiple-choice, and multiple selection questions.  


The advantage of using Labfront Questionnaires is that you can use the real-time Dashboard to monitor whether participants have completed questionnaires.  You can also download each participant’s questionnaire data along with the physiological data, so your data is all in one place.  For this reason, we recommend migrating your existing questionnaires into Labfront. 


Under Questionnaire select START.


   Devices and data window in project setup with Questionnaire circled


Select one of the following options

  • Create Custom- To create new Questionnaires from scratch
  • My Questionnaires - To select from your existing Questionnaires
  • LabfrontTemplates - To select from existing Labfront Questionnaires


Questionnaire templates in Labfront

Once you have set up your questionnaires select DONE.