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Create Garmin Streaming Task (ACC)

This article summarizes how to add a Garmin streaming task in Labfront to capture high-resolution data, such as raw accelerometer data.

Data types such as ACC capture a lot of data and, therefore, cannot be turned on in the background. Participants need to manually start and stop recording data through a separate task you will create in the App Builder.

In this article, we'll show you:

Add Garmin Device and Select Metrics

First, in order to collect data types such as Garmin ACC data, you will need to add a Garmin device to your project. 

Click + Add Device(s) in the Project Builder and select Garmin Devices.


Group 2583

Once you've added a Garmin device, you will have the option to choose your data source and metrics.

Learn more about Garmin Connect and Labfront Companion data in this article→

For accelerometer data, you will need to ensure the Labfront Companion app is toggled on. Then, select 3-Axis Accelerometer from the data types (and any other metrics you'd like to collect). 


ACC Data Selection


After clicking Save, you'll be prompted to add a Garmin Streaming Task. Again, this is because the ACC data will not be continuously captured in the background and participants will manually activate data collection.  

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Participant Tasks - Garmin Stream

Setting up a Streaming Task

Your participants will need to activate the data recording through a Garmin Streaming Task on the participant app. Setting up a Garmin Streaming Task is similar to setting up other types of tasks in Labfront.


You will need to enter:

  • Task Name - Choose an easy-to-understand name for this task
  • Schedule - Should this task be completed one time only or is it repeated?
    • Enter when the participant should complete the task (For example: Once every day, On the first day of the study, or No Specific Date)
  • Task Description - Provide a brief description of the task letting participants know what they need to do. Especially for streaming tasks, it's important to remind the participants that they will need to manually start and stop data recording and keep the device within 10 meters of their phone. 
  • Color - Choose the color of the task to make it easier to distinguish between multiple task cards.
  • Sampling Rate - Select the resolution you need for your data collection. For ACC, you can select 25Hz, 50Hz or 100Hz.


The higher the resolution, the more likely the chance to drop data packets. Please keep this in mind when choosing the resolution for your task.


You'll also be given the option to set an auto-reminder for the task to help participants remember to capture data. Learn more about auto-reminders in this article


When you're finished completing the task information, click Save.




Participant Experience

Labfront makes it easy for participants to connect to a Garmin device and record data. 

As soon as you have published your project with your created Garmin Streaming Tasks and participants have linked the device to your project on the Labfront Companion app, they will see the tasks.

To activate data recording, they simply need to read your instructions, make sure they are wearing the device properly and click Start Recording


Streaming Task - Example-1


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💡 Tip

If you're interested in capturing high-resolution movement data, we're also compatible with Movesense sensors which collect 9-axis IMU data.

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