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How Labfront Data is Organized Part 1: Folders

Learn how the Garmin data is separated and organized in Labfront

Labfront creates a single zip file for all of your participants' data. Each subsequent folder is organized in .CSV files. Each participant has their own folder (with their participant_name/anonymous ID as the folder title), and each participant folder is further organized into 4 separate folders:

1. Device_Data (high-resolution physiological data, e.g. BBI data)
2. Garmin_Data (high-level summary data, e.g. Stress data)
3. To_do (time-stamped task data, related to any type of to-do task you set up in your protocol, e.g. "20 min meditation" task)
4. Questionnaire (time-stamped data related to any questionnaire you created in Labfront)

Download sample data here

Screenshot of participant data organized into folders


All PHYSIOLOGICAL data is organized by the participant ONLY, however, task data (To-Do or Questionnaire) can be viewed in two ways:

Option 1) by task, as shown in the left column below (with each participants' time-stamped task data on the same CSV sheet, organized by date)
Option 2) by individual participant folder, as shown above

Task Data View: Option 1

Screenshot of task data


Once the "todo" task is selected, the .CSV file will generate the following information below:


CSV file of task data with multiple participants

Task Data View: Option 2

Task or Questionnaire data is organized by each participant and each Questionnaire, with the dates and timestamps included in the .CSV file.

Participant data organized by participant and type of task

Physiological Data View

Garmin data is organized by each participant and data type, as shown below:

Garmin sleep data files organized into CSV


Device data is organized by each participant and sensor data type.

Participant data organized into folders by type of metric with various CSV sleep files shown


All collected data is time-stamped so you can identify exactly when the physiological data is collected, Task completed, or Survey submitted.  

Garmin Data

  • Participant_Indentifier_#1
    • Dailies - dailies.csv, wellness data daily summaries such as steps, distance, and heart rate.
    • Epochs - epoch.csv - wellness data, such as steps and distance, broken down into short periods (15 minutes) for a more detailed view of a user’s activity. 
    • Heart Rate - daily_hr.csv - minute by minute average heart rate
    • Sleep - sleep.csv - duration and classification for light, deep, REM, and awake periods for the user’s sleep range only
    • Stress - stress.csv - averaged stress level scores ranging from 1 to 100 with 3-minute granularity.
    • Pulse Ox - pulseox.csv - oxygen saturation (SpO2)  (subject to wearable support)
    • Respiration - respiration.csv - Breathing rate throughout the day, during sleep, and activities. (subject to wearable support)
  • Participant_Indentifier_#2
  • Participant_Indentifier_#3...

Device Data 

    • Participant_Indentifier_#1
      • Heart Rate Interval (each beat) - ...rr.csv, also known as beat to beat interval (BBI), interbeat interval (IBI), or pulse to pulse interval (PPI). HRV can be derived from this data.
      • Heart Rate  (30secs - 60mins) - ...hr.csv - Instantaneous heart rate recording at the time of measurement
      • Steps (60secs) - ...steps.csv - Number of steps each minute 
      • Zero Crossings (30secs - 60mins) - ...zerocrossing.csv - Acceleration summary, also known as 3-axis zero crossings + energy levels.
      • Stress (30secs - 60mins) - ...stress.csv - Stress indicator metric calculated by Garmin— abstracted from HRV data. Normalized against a 0-100 scale and calculated instantaneously.
      • Pulse Ox  (30secs - 60mins) - ...spo2.csv - Oxygen saturation, also known as SpO2.
      • Respiration  (30secs - 60mins) - ...respiration.csv - measured in breaths per minute, instantaneous value at the interval.

--------------- This section is only for developers with API Access to their data ----------

This section describes the data format for developers who have programmable access to their secure Amazon (AWS) S3 bucket directly.


Labfront creates a single zip file for all of the data collected from the beginning of the project. 


Within the single zip file, the data is separated by data type and then by each participant’s Participant Identifier.  

Data organization showing zip file with data in folders by data type

Remember, all collected data is time-stamped so you can identify exactly when the physiological data is collected, Task completed, or Survey submitted.  


Last updated: January 17, 2022