Movesense Troubleshooting

This article offers troubleshooting advice for issues with Movesense devices.


Movesense is not connecting/ Movesense device cannot be found when setting up

Frame 2978If your device cannot be found when setting up the device, or it cannot connect to the app, it's likely that it's sleeping 😴.

To wake it up, you need to touch the connector studs on the back of the sensor. The red LED should start flashing when it's awake and waiting to connect 🚨. The sensor stays on for one minute, waiting for another device to connect to it. If a connection is not established, the sensor goes back to sleep.


Movesense is on but cannot connect to the Labfront app

If the sensor's LED light flashed for 2s when you touched the connector studs but it still cannot connect to Labfront, the sensor might already be connected to another device. Use the sensor with one device at a time only.

The device does not turn on automatically upon contact with the connector studs

This could be the result of an empty battery that needs to be replaced.

Most Movesense sensors use a 3-Volt lithium coin cell battery (CR 2025).

To replace the battery:

movesense battery

1. Remove the sensor from the Movesense connector.

2. Open the battery cover (you can use a coin to help).

3. Replace the battery by inserting the replacement battery first into the battery cover, positive side up, and then pressing the sensor body on the battery cover. Make sure that the O-ring is in the correct position in the groove on the battery cover before closing the battery cover. Please dispose of the old battery according to the local rules and legislation, treating it as battery waste. Do not throw it in the garbage.

4. Firmly close the battery cover. Make sure that the O-ring is not visible after closing the battery cover.

Movesense disconnected during task recording

During your task recording, you'll be able to see the connection status of the device. If for some reason the device disconnects during recording, the timer will continue to run but the data collection will be paused until the device reconnects.
Usually, making sure your device is near your phone solves this problem. Otherwise, try turning your phone's Bluetooth on and off to reconnect the device. 
Once the device is reconnected, the data recording will resume. 
Labfront app_project info (2)

The LED light is flashing continuously

This indicates that the battery is low and will need to be replaced. See instructions above


Movesense firmware needs to be updated

The Movesense firmware can be updated with the Movesense Showcase app. To see how to update on your device, take a look at these how-to videos:


iOS (Apple)


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