Pair Your Garmin Device

To capture physiological data from a Garmin device, the participant must pair their device to the app(s) being used for data collection.

We'll cover how to:
  • Pair a Garmin device with the Garmin Connect app
  • Pair a Garmin device with the Labfront Companion app
  • Troubleshoot Garmin device pairing issues


If your study is using Garmin Connect data, we recommend first pairing your device through Garmin Connect and then pairing it with Labfront Companion.


image 72 Pair Device Through Garmin Connect App 

⚠️ Do not pair your Garmin device directly through the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone. You must pair the device through the Garmin Connect app to establish a proper connection to your phone.

  1. Turn on the Garmin device
  2. Open the Garmin Connect app
  3. If installing the app for the first time, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the pairing process. For all others, proceed to step 4.
  4. Open the app menu from the My Day view:
    • Android: Select hamburger menu icon in the upper left
    • iOS: Select More in the bottom right
  5. Select Garmin Devices > Add Device
  6. Select Your Device
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions from the app to complete the setup process  

Group 2395 Pair Device Through Labfront Companion App 


If your study is using Garmin Connect data, we highly recommend you first pair the device through the Garmin Connect app.

  1. Open Labfront Companion
  2. You will see Set Up Your Device at the top of your screen. Click Start > Get Started
  3. The paired device should show up during the scan. Select your device and click Link Device
  4. Pair the device.
You can also pair a device through the Labfront Companion Settings.
  1. Select Settings
  2. Devices > Garmin > Pair Device


Device Pairing Issues

If you are experiencing an issue with pairing your device review the following troubleshooting FAQs:

Other topics related to Bluetooth troubleshooting: