Guide for Participant Onboarding Using Movesense

This document walks participants through the steps necessary to onboard and get started collecting physiological data from Movesense sensors.

This guide is for projects collecting data from only Movesense devices.

Step 1: Download the Labfront Companion App 

Download the Labfront Companion App, available on Android and iOS.

Step 2: Enter your Invite Code and Join Project

You should have already received a 6-character invite code from the researcher. Enter it and click Get Started.

You will be given a confirmation screen ensuring you're in the correct study, as well as a consent form. Click I Agree > Join Project.

   Labfront Sign-In (1)

Step 3:  Set up your Device

Before linking the Movesense device to your project, make sure your phone's Bluetooth is on and the Movesense is ready to connect. 

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To "wake up" the device, touch the two metal connectors at the back. When the red LED flashes, the device is ready to connect.

You will see Movesense at the top of your screen. Click Start > Get Started. The app will search for the device.
The device should show up during the scan. Select your device by checking the 12-digit serial number on the back.  Then click Link Device.
Pair the device.

Set up Movesense (1)

You can also pair a device through the Labfront Companion Settings.
  1. Select gear icon Settings
  2. Devices > Movesense > Pair Device

Congratulations, you're all set 🎉! 

Now that the setup process is complete, participants will only need to open the Labfront Companion app to complete Movesense Tasks created by the researcher. 
If pairing is unsuccessful, follow the steps highlighted in the app or our Troubleshooting Guide, and if all else fails, reach out to