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Pricing, Plans and Payment FAQs

Frequently asked questions about pricing, plans and payment.

How much of a discount can you provide for Garmin devices? And does the discount apply to all Garmin devices?

The amount of discount we can offer varies according to the device and quantity, please reach out to hello@labfront.com with your needs and we’ll provide a quote.  


In which currency are the Labfront pricing plans on the website listed?

All Labfront pricing plans are listed in USD.


How do you charge for the Labfront service - monthly, annually, or pre-paid?

We charge for the Labfront service on an annual basis, which should be paid in advance.  We also offer trial Basic or Advanced accounts for testing or pilot purposes, please contact hello@labfront.com for more details.


What is included with the Free plan?

The Free plan enables you to experience the power of Labfront. You get access to our full range of metrics with no caps on data quantity.  Remotely collect wearable, survey, and event tracking data from up to 5 participants.


Where can I buy devices?

Once you’ve selected your wearable of choice from our list of compatible devices, you can purchase directly from Polar or Garmin, or you can contact us via hello@labfront.com and we’ll be happy to guide you through the buying process.


Do any plans limit data quantity?

No. All of our plans give you access to the same powerful metrics with no cap on the quantity of data you can collect from each participant, be it survey or physiological data captured. Access sample data files here.


Can I collect HRV without purchasing the HRV Report?

Labfront allows the capture of individual heartbeats, known as beat-to-beat interval. It is from this granular measure that researchers can effectively derive HRV. Since this produces a large volume of data per participant, our HRV Report is recommended to accelerate the process and help you get the most insights from your data.