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Privacy and Security FAQs

Frequently asked questions about privacy and security

Who owns the physiological data collected from participants?

You own your data and we do not access it. Our privacy and security policies are very strict (including not accessing your project data), these standard policies are usually enough to support grant applications, but we can provide additional guidance or information if needed.


Can you provide more information about your privacy and security policies?

You may refer to our security and privacy policies which are available below:

1. Labfront Privacy Policy

2. Labfront Terms of Service

3. Security Statement

To give further confidence to our strict policies, we have successfully supported IRB applications with Labfront as part of the study.  Furthermore, Labfront intentionally does not have access to your project’s data or ask participants for their personal information.  Instead, we use a unique invite code to connect participants to the platform and your project.


My institution has requested Labfront's EULA (End User License Agreement), what do I provide?

Since the Labfront service include a variety of applications (eg. mobile App, web dashboard), we provide all-encompassing Terms of Service instead of a simple EULA. If your institution asks for a EULA, you can link them directly to Labfront's Terms of Service.


How long the data is going to be saved on the Labfront server?
We typically save research data for 3 years after study completion, following the write-up of the results. For relevant studies, Labfront will also be compliant with the NIH Data Management and Sharing (DMS) Policy, effective January 25, 2023. We also provide the ability to delete all data if requested by the researcher.