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Project Creation and Setup FAQs

We'll answer your most commonly asked questions about creating and setting up a project in Labfront.

Setting Up Participant Tasks

Setting up Devices and Data

Editing a Project

Participant Tasks


Can I have more than one Labfront questionnaire each day?
Yes, there is no limit to the number of questionnaires that may be created for each day of your study.   
Can I reuse questionnaires I’ve created from previous studies? 
Not yet. But we will be adding this feature shortly so that all of your questionnaires can be saved and available for reuse. 
What kind of questions can Labfront’s questionnaires support?
Labfront can support text input, multiple choice and multiple selection questions.
How can I set up a Movesense Task?
When creating your project in the app builder, you will need to add a Movesense device to your project. You'll then be prompted to create a Movesense Task so that participants can record data. 

Setting up Devices and Data

What is the difference between Garmin Connect data and Labfront Companion data?
The Garmin Connect app collects the standard default data that can be collected by individual consumers using Garmin wearables (e.g. Sleep, Stress, HR at every minute, steps at every minute, etc.). 
The Labfront Companion app allows the researcher to collect more granular data (such as HR at each beat rather than sampled at each minute) which is why the data upload/sync time for Labfront Companion is much longer than that of the Garmin Connect app. 
For a more detailed breakdown, read this article on Garmin data sources and metrics

Editing a Project

Can I add a task after my study is published?
Yes! You can edit your project and add a task even after your project is live. We recommend sending a notification to participants to make them aware of the change.
Can I delete a task after my study is published?
It's not currently possible to delete a task after a project has been published, but you can hide a task, which serves a similar function. When you hide a task, it will no longer appear in the participant app. Data already collected will not be affected.
Will the edits automatically show up on the participant app?
Yes, when you click Save and Update, the changes will be updated on the participant app. The participants may need to close and reopen the app, however.
Can I edit a questionnaire?
Questionnaires cannot currently be edited because doing so would make your data really difficult to keep track of (imagine multiple versions of the same questionnaire with only small changes). If you made a mistake on your questionnaire or want to add or remove a question, we suggest hiding the questionnaire task and adding a new task with the updated questionnaire.

Recommendation: Change the name of the older task after you've hidden it so it is easier to remember and differentiate when looking at the data later.


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