Send Push Notifications

How can you send notifications to participants during your study? We'll show you in a few easy steps.


Notifications allow you to communicate directly with participants, providing important reminders as well as notices about protocol updates.


We'll cover:


1. Getting Your Participants Set Up for Notifications

    -Option 1: Initial Labfront App Setup Prompt

    -Option 2: Device Settings (on iOS and Android)

2. How to Send Notifications


Getting Your Participants Set Up to Receive Notifications


Allow Notifications During Labfront Companion App Download 

When participants first download the Labfront Companion App, they'll receive a prompt to allow notifications. 
Allow Notifications Prompt on iOS and Android

Tip: In your onboarding instructions, be sure to remind participants they will need to select Allow (it will follow the prompt to allow Bluetooth)

Allow Notifications After Labfront Companion App Download

If your participants are like a lot of us who automatically select "Don't Allow", don't worry, there's another way to allow notifications.
  1. Go to Settings and Tap Notifications
  2. Select Labfront
  3. Toggle on Allow Notifications (You don't need to worry about any other settings here)
 iPhone notification setup
  1. Press and hold the Labfront app icon (it will bounce around when selected)
  2. Tap the ℹ️ icon to get to App Info
  3. Select Notifications
  4. Toggle on All Labfront Notifications

Android notification setup (1)


Sending Notifications

Now that your participants are all set up, you're ready to start sending them notifications. Written instructions follow the video clip. 
1. Log into the Labfront platform, and head over to the Participants or Adherence page.
2. Check the box next to the ID of each participant you'd like to send your notification. To send to all participants, make it easy on yourself by selecting the box at the top.
3. Click the button displaying Send notification to active participants.
4. Next, you'll receive a prompt to input Title and Content.
Title is the text that will appear on the participant's smartphone screen when they receive the notification. It should be as clear and concise as possible.
Group 2552-1
Content is additional information that will be displayed in the Notifications section of the Labfront Companion App. 
Frame 2726

5. Double-check for typos (or not) and click Send.

You're done! Happy messaging 💌.