Reset Forgotten Password

Forgot your password? We'll sort you out and help you reset it in a few simple steps.

This article takes you through how to recover your account if you've forgotten your password. If you're looking to change or update your password from within your account, follow the steps here instead. 

1. On the Labfront sign-in page, click Forgot Password?
Log In - Forgot Password
2. Now you'll need to enter the email address you use for your Labfront account and click Continue.
 Frame 2761
3. A 10-digit code will be emailed to you.
 Reset email (2)
Enter it here (we recommend copying and pasting) then click Next.
Can't find the code in your inbox? Click Send Code Again
Verify Email (1) 
4. Enter your new password and click Done after confirming it.
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Your password needs to be at least 8 characters and must include an upper and lower case letter as well as a number.


5. All done 🙌🏻! Your password has been reset. You can now go Back to Sign In and access your account with your new password.


PW Reset