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Set up Participant Tasks

Create Tasks for your participants

The next important step in setting up your project is to create Tasks for your participants.   The Tasks you need to create will normally correspond with the research protocol for your project. The most common types of Tasks you’ll want to create are To-do Tasks or Questionnaires.  

To-do Tasks
To-do Tasks are simple tasks or activities that the researcher would like the participants to complete.  These tasks are displayed to participants within the PhysioQ Connect app.

An example of a To-do Task might be to complete an exercise activity each day according to your research protocol. To-do Tasks can be one time only or repeatable throughout the duration of the project.  

Questionnaire Tasks
You should create Questionnaire Tasks if you need your participants to complete one or more questionnaires during the project. For example, at the beginning of your project, you may want a simple questionnaire to collect information from participants such as their name, address, or age.  Or another example would be a mood questionnaire that you’d like them to complete each day. Questionnaire Tasks can be one time only or repeatable throughout the project.  

To create Tasks, under Participant Tasks select START.   


Participant Tasks section in app

First, enter some General Instructions for participants, this should be some brief instructions for participants, such as making sure they complete all tasks or providing your contact details in case of questions during the project. 


General instruction field in app

The next step is to select ADD TASK to create a new Task.  

You should then provide the following information:

  • TASK NAME - Choose an easy-to-understand name for this Task
  • SCHEDULE - Is this Task repeatable or one time only?
  • When should the participant complete the Task? -  For example, At the beginning, or Once every day.
  • TASK DESCRIPTION - Provide a brief description of the Task
  • TASK TYPE - Choose the type of Task either a To-do task, Device Task, or Questionnaire Task


Task description example in app using a daily exercise task

Once you have set up your Tasks select SAVE.   

Please note that you can create a Task-Set which groups a set of individual Tasks that should be completed together.  For example, you could create a Task-Set called Daily Breathing Exercise that consists of two Tasks Complete 5-minute Breathing Exercise and Answer Mood Questionnaire.