Study Management FAQs

Frequently asked questions about study management.

What is the relationship between Labfront, PhysioQ, PhysioQ Connect, and Garmin Connect?

We know-- it's a lot of names to take in initially. Labfront is a research automation tool for simplifying physiological data collection and management. PhysioQ is a non-profit organization and a close partner of Labfront. PhysioQ Connect is the app used by Labfront participants which collects the data.  Garmin Connect is a tool for tracking, analyzing and sharing health and fitness activities recorded by your paired Garmin device.  To use Labfront you should install both PhysioQ Connect and Garmin Connect, and have a Garmin Connect account.


How do I sign-up for the Basic plan, do I need to email you to do that?

You can sign-up directly through the website, or you can email and we will provide you with an invoice and payment instructions.


How often do participants need to open the PhysioQ Connect app?

We recommend opening the PhysioQ Connect app at least once per day to sync participant data.


As a researcher, can I monitor participants to see if they have completed tasks?

Yes, the Labfront platform provides a real-time Dashboard to track that participants have completed tasks.


As a researcher, how do I communicate with participants? 

We do not currently provide a participant messaging service for Labfront.  We recommend using email or other popular and secure chat apps to communicate with participants.