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Understanding the Data

Learn what data is available, what the metrics mean, and their sampling rates.

Labfront creates a single zip file for all of the data you have collected since the start of your project.  The data collected is based on your project setup and which devices have been used to collect the data (some data types are not supported by all wearables).  The availability of data for each participant will depend on the participant having worn their device correctly and synced data regularly.

Each participant folder is separated into 4 folders (types of data):
1- Garmin Data
2- Device Data
3- To-Do Task Data 
4- Questionnaire Data 

All data collected is time-stamped so you can identify exactly when the data is collected.

Garmin Data 

Within the CSV file, each row represents one data recording. 


Data Type



Daily summaries contain wellness data daily such as steps, distance, and heart rate. This summary data type should be used to get daily average representations of a user’s day, similar to the “My Day” view in Garmin Connect.


Epoch summaries contain information about wellness data, such as steps and distance, broken down into short periods (15 minutes). This summary type should be used to construct a more detailed representation of the user’s activity within a day, such as the “Step Details” chart in Garmin Connect.


Sleep summaries provide data about sleep duration and sleep level classification, including light, deep, REM, and awake periods. This data can be set manually by the user or auto-detected by the device, but only during the sleep range, the user has pre-configured in Garmin Connect.  In case there are multiple sleep records, please refer to the one labeled with "ENHANCED_TENTATIVE" and with the longest duration.

Detailed Stress

Detailed Stress summaries provide averaged stress level scores with a 3-minute granularity from supported devices. Stress level scores range from 1 to 100.

Pulse Ox

Pulse Ox summaries contain pulse oxygen (SpO2) data. Both on-demand pulse ox data and pulse ox measurements powering the Acclimation feature are included.


Respiration is a feature available on some Garmin devices that tracks breathing rate throughout the day, during sleep, and during activities such as breathwork and yoga.


Device Data

Within the CSV file, each row represents one data recording. The collection sampling rate (how often data is collected) is according to your project setup.


Data Source


Sampling rate

Heart Rate Interval

Also known as beat-to-beat interval (BBI), interbeat interval (IBI), or pulse to pulse interval (PPI). Recorded in time series from the PPG device.

Each Beat


Number of steps each minute


Heart Rate

Instantaneous heart rate recording at the time of measurement

30s - 60m

Zero Crossings

Acceleration summary, also known as 3-axis zero-crossings + energy levels.

30s - 60m


Stress indicator metric calculated by Garmin— abstracted from HRV data. Normalized against a 0-100 scale and calculated instantaneously. Negative numbers signify errors (ie: not enough data or too much PPG noise).

30s - 60m

Oxygen Saturation

Also known as SpO2.

30s - 60m


Measured in breaths per minute. You will get the instantaneous value at the interval.

30s - 60m


25 Hz raw 3-axis accelerometer data.

Note: This is a LOT of data, use sparingly

25 Hz