Workspace Settings

Workspace settings give you a high-level overview of your workspace and can be edited depending on your permissions.

You can manage a workspace in workspace settings. Here you'll be able to view the name of the workspace, which plan it's on, how many participants can be added, and its collaborators. The workspace settings you are able to edit will depend on your workspace permissions.
To access the Workspace Settings
  1. Select the dropdown menu on the top-left corner of the workspace (the name of the current workspace).
  2. Click Workspace Settings.
  3. Now you'll land in Workspace Settings.
Workspace Settings are broken down into the following sections:
    1. About - Rename your workspace
    2. Plan Details - Change your plan
    3. Participant Summary - View how many participants you have added and how many you can still add.
    4. Collaborators - Manage the collaborators of your workspace
    5. Leave this Workspace - If you'd no longer like access to the workspace

Workspace Settings FAQs


Can I upgrade my plan from workspace settings?

Not yet. If you'd like to upgrade your workspace, please send an email with the subject line “Account Upgrade: your-email-here” to

How can I switch between workspaces?

This article takes you through how to switch workspaces.


How can I remove myself as a collaborator?

To remove yourself as a collaborator, go to Workspace Settings > Leave Workspace.