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Add a Device to Your Project

We'll take you through how to choose a device to add to your Labfront project to collect physiological data.

You've started building your app and finished entering the project details. At this point, you're ready to select which type of device you would like to collect physiological data from and add it to your project. 


We'll go over:


Device Options in Labfront

Currently, you have the option of adding Garmin, Movesense, and Dexcom devices to collect physiological data.

Garmin Devices

Labfront is compatible with a wide range of Garmin devices, including wrist-worn wearables, a smart scale, and a blood pressure monitor. 
Garmin smartwatches are great for continuous data capture as they are unobtrusive and can be worn 24/7.  

Movesense Devices

Labfront is compatible with the Movesense HR2 and Movesense Medical devices. Each device is generally used for two purposes (which also can be combined): ECG heart monitor and/or IMU movement sensor.

Depending on the use case, the device is often used with a chest or wristband accessory, chest patch, or clip. 

Learn more about supported Movesense devices→

Dexcom Devices

Labfront is compatible with the Dexcom G6 and G7 devices. Both devices offer continuous glucose monitoring to measure metabolic health. 

Learn more about using Dexcom devices with Labfront→

Add Device to Project

Once you've chosen a device, the next step is to add it to your project.
Click + Add Device(s).
add device screenshot
Add Devices (3)

Add a Garmin Device

When adding a Garmin device, you have the option of collecting physiological data from either or both Garmin Connect and Labfront Companion apps.
We recommend reading our article on choosing your Garmin data source to get an idea of which data source is right for your study and what the experience will be like for your participants. 
You'll then choose the source you want to collect data from in the project builder. 
Select Data- Both@2xcompressed

Add a Movesense Device

If adding a Movesense device, you'll also have to create a Movesense Task.

This includes choosing the data you want to collect and the corresponding sampling rate.


Movesense (5)

Add a Dexcom Device

Dexcom requires approval before it can be used in your project. Thus, after you select Add Device, you will be taken to the form to request a Dexcom integration. After submitting the form, we will connect you with the Dexcom team to complete the process.



Learn more about adding a Dexcom device→



Can multiple device types be used in one project?

Yes, with Labfront a participant can capture data from multiple compatible devices. Common use cases include using both Garmin and Movesense or Garmin and Dexcom. 


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