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Continuous Background vs Manually Activated Data Collection

With Labfront, you have the option of continuous background data collection (logging) which is always on, and manually activated data collection (streaming) which the participant will start and stop. We'll go over them in more detail.

We'll cover:

πŸ”„ Continuous Background Data Collection

With continuous background data collection, the device will continually collect data in the background automatically. The participant only needs to wear the device as directed and sync it regularly.

The data is saved locally on the device and a Bluetooth connection is only needed to sync the data from the device to the Garmin Connect and/or Labfront Companion app. 


πŸ‘ Benefits: The data is always passively being collected without the participant needing to start or stop data collection. 

πŸ’— Supported data types:  Heart Rate, Stress, Steps, Respiration, Heart Rate Interval, Oxygen Saturation, Daily Summary, Activity Summary, Sleep

⌚ Supported devices: For continuous background data collection, Labfront is currently compatible with Garmin devices. 


▢️ ⏹ Manually Activated Data Collection

Some data types, such as 3-axis accelerometer, capture an overwhelming amount of data, so they cannot be collected in the background.

To capture this kind of high-resolution data, participants will need to start and stop data collection manually, through tasks the researcher creates in the App Builder. 

For data to be collected, the participant's Bluetooth will need to be turned on and the phone should be kept within 10 meters of the wearable device. 


πŸ‘ Benefits: You can capture high-resolution Movesense data such as 9-axis IMU data (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer) and ECG waveform as well as raw ACC data from Garmin devices. 

πŸ’— Supported data types:  ECG, RR-Interval, 9-axis IMU, 3-axis ACC (Garmin)

⌚ Supported devices: Movesense and Garmin (ACC only)


Continuous Data Collection (Logging) vs Manual Data Collection (Streaming): Comparison Chart


Streaming vs Logging (1)


Creating Streaming Tasks

As mentioned previously, in order for participants to manually activate data collection, you'll need to create a streaming task in the App Builder. Participants will start and stop data collection by completing the task on the Labfront Companion App. 

There are two types of streaming tasks in Labfront:


No tasks need to be created for background data collection (logging). The participants will only need to connect their wearable to your project and sync it regularly.