Dexcom Overview

Labfront supports glucose data collection via Dexcom. Why should you consider using Dexcom devices in your research? How do they work with Labfront? This article provides a thorough overview of everything Dexcom.


Table of Contents

  1. About Dexcom
    1. Use Cases
    2. Published Studies
    3. Buying Devices
  2. Using Dexcom devices with Labfront
    1. Researchers
    2. Participants
  3. Data Format
  4. Additional Dexcom Resources














1.  About Dexcom

Dexcom is known for its state-of-the-art continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices that provide real-time blood glucose levels with impeccable accuracy.

By making glucose data available on Labfront's platform, we’re streamlining the data collection process for researchers studying anything from diabetes management to the effect of stress on blood glucose levels.

1.1 Use Cases


📈 Comprehensive Metabolic Insights

For example, if you're studying the keto diet's impact on type 2 diabetes, you can easily collect and look at participants' glucose data from Dexcom along with other event markers and physiological data. This enables a richer analysis that could help with more targeted and effective treatment strategies.

💡 Real-World Behavioral Studies

Interested in how stress impacts blood sugar levels? The Labfront-Dexcom integration allows for the simultaneous tracking of glucose data with other variables such as stress and mood, providing you with a more complete picture of real-world scenarios.

🍎 Nutrition and Lifestyle Choices

For those exploring how different foods and meal timings affect glucose fluctuations, using Labfront's event tracking and questionnaires with Dexcom can chart glucose patterns against other factors like caloric intake and exercise. Gain a better understanding of the relationships between lifestyle choices and metabolic health.

1.2 Published Studies

Explore clinical studies that showcase the advantages of Dexcom CGM systems in enhancing outcomes for patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes here.

1.3 Supported Dexcom Devices + How to Buy Them

Labfront is compatible with the Dexcom G6 and Dexcom G7 CGM models. We don't currently provide the option to purchase Dexcom devices from us directly. We recommend visiting the Dexcom website.


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2.  Using Dexcom with Labfront

2.1 Researchers

To begin, add a Dexcom device to your Labfront project. This will direct you to a form where you can request a new project integration to incorporate Dexcom into your project. It is important to note that Dexcom must approve each project integration. Once you have submitted the form, we will connect you with Dexcom to finalize the approval process.


setup labfront project

2.2 Participants

Participants will set up the device on the Labfront app in a few easy steps once they join the project.


dexcom participant app

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3. Data

Learn how Labfront conveniently separates and organizes data into CSV files in this Data Overview article.


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4. Dexcom Resources

Check out these resources to enhance your understanding or educate patients about CGM systems and how to use Dexcom products and features


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