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Part 4: Download Your Data

This article will cover everything you need to know when getting started on downloading your data.


📖 Getting Started With Labfront Guide

In Part 4, we'll cover how to:
  • Download your data

How to download your data

To download data, you'll first need to sign in to Labfront. Then from your Workspace, choose a Live project. Click download icon Download Data on the top right of the dashboard.
This will take you to the Download Settings page where you will select the participants and timeframe to be included in your download file.
When finished, click download icon Download Data to begin the download. Please stay on the Labfront website until your file download has been completed.




Labfront users on the Testing Plan are limited to a 30-day timeframe for data downloads. Need an upgrade? View our plans


Understanding your data

We recommend reading our Data Overview article for information on how data is organized in Labfront. 
We also have a comprehensive Data Dictionary to help you make sense of the data captured through our platform. 


Need more help with your data?

Our analytics team, led by Dr. Andrew Ahn, former Co-Director of Harvard's Center for Dynamical Biomarkers, comprises experts from this world-renowned lab. They bring decades of experience in analyzing and processing physiological data.

Check out our analytics services



🆘 No data in your download?

Data is only available for Live projects and with invited participants who have signed in through the Labfront Companion app and are contributing data by completing tasks, questionnaires, or providing physiological data from their wearable. 
To ensure that participants have successfully signed in to your project, please check the Participants section on the Dashboard and make sure that you have at least 1 participant signed in.  For each participant, you can also check that the Invite Code is Used and the Status is Joined.  
Invite Status


Additional Resources

Learn more about downloading Labfront data here

You can also view a sample of our downloadable data format. 


You've finished the Getting Started Guide 🙌!

If you still have some questions, take a look at our Top FAQs about Labfront or Contact Us.

Happy Researching! 



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