Download Your Data

This article will cover how to download your data from the Labfront platform.

How to download your data

To download data, you'll first need to sign in to Labfront. Then from your Workspace, choose a Live project. Click  Download Data on the top right of the dashboard  This will generate a single ZIP file to download which contains all of the data available for this project including tasks, questionnaires, and physiological data from participants' wearables from the start of your study.


  • While it will be available in later versions of Labfront, there is no way to filter the data collection process by the time period in this current Labfront version. Each time you click the Download Data button, the sync time will increase slightly (a consequence of the quantity of data downloaded increasing). 
  • Data Download ZIP updates roughly every 6 hours. If you don't see the most recent data in the download, it'll be available in the next update.


Understanding Your Data

After you've downloaded your data, you might need some help understanding how it's organized and what the various data types and variables mean. We recommend taking a look at the following articles:



Data FAQs


Do you offer any services to help analyze the data? 
We do! Our team of experts has over 20+ years of experience in digital biomarkers and research analytics. You can outsource your analytics to us and save up to several months of work. Learn more about Labfront Analytics here

Why can't I see any participants' data?

One of the most common reasons for this issue is that your participants are not yet connected to your project. Data is only available for Live projects and with invited participants who have signed in through the Labfront Companion app and are contributing data by completing tasks, questionnaires, or providing physiological data from their wearable. 

To ensure that participants have successfully signed in to your project, please check the Participants section on the Dashboard and make sure that you have at least 1 participant signed in.  For each participant, you can also check that the Invite Code is Used and the Status is Joined.  For more information, we recommend reading our article on adding participants
The Adherence page shows my participant synced their data. Why isn't it showing when I download the ZIP file?
The files are uploaded once per day, so the data was likely not yet synced when the zip occurred. It will be available on the next upload. 
I can't download a ZIP file from my work computer. What should I do?
In this case, we recommend you ask your IT department how to allow ZIP file extraction on your work computer. Alternatively, you can also download on another computer or device that allows for ZIP downloads as we can only provide ZIP files for data downloads. 
Can I see a sample of the downloadable data format? 
You sure can! Take a look at a sample of our data here