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Part 1: Learn About Labfront

Labfront's platform is a code-free digital biomarker collection and analytics solution.

đź“– Getting Started With Labfront Guide

What is Labfront?

With Labfront, you can collect granular physiological data, custom surveys, and event markers--all in one place and conveniently timestamped. Labfront is IRB-approved and both HIPAA and GDPR-compliant.

Wearable/Physiological Data

Capture a broad range of granular data including sleep staging, steps, and heart rate.

Questionnaire/Survey Data

Collect feedback from participants with surveys that include multiple question types and seamless integration with sensor data to provide you with a complete picture of your research subjects. 

Event Tracking Data

Add a new layer of insight to your data by knowing when your participants completed tasks and for how long.

How It Works

  1. Build your customized Labfront app by choosing the type of data you want to collect and the tasks you want participants to complete.
  2. Invite participants to download the Labfront app to join your study. They can then connect their wearable device to collect data and complete tasks.
  3. View collected data and track participant adherence on the dashboard. This allows you to take proactive measures like sending push notifications when a participant has forgotten to complete tasks.
  4. Download easily importable CSVs for your own analytics. Labfront’s files are all timestamped and organized for easy analysis in your research. 

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