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Part 3: Managing Participants

Learn how to connect participants to your project and monitor their adherence.


📖 Getting Started With Labfront Guide


In Part 3, we'll cover how to:
  • Add participants to your study
  • Manage adherence using the dashboard and notifications

Connecting participants to your project

Once your app is published, you'll be able to add participants to your project. 

1. To add participants, go to Participants in your Workspace and select Add Participant.  

First Land
2. Next you'll enter a Participant ID, using a unique and anonymous identifier. 

controls (1)
3. A 6-character Invite Code will automatically be generated for each participant to access the app you created. Distribute this invite code to the participant via email, text message, etc.

Frame 2733

You can keep track of how many participants you're able to add at the top of your dashboard. Free Accounts have a 5-participant limit. To invite more than 5 participants to a project you'll need a Basic or Advanced Account.  Contact support@labfront.com and we'll be happy to help.

4. Ask participants to follow the steps below to join your project:
a) Download the Labfront Companion app, available on Android and iOS
b) Enter their Invite Code on the app
c) Follow the app instructions to set up their device

Participant Adherence

One of Labfront’s most valuable features is the ability to remotely monitor your participants. At any time, you can check if participants have connected with your project, tasks have been completed, and physiological data is being collected. 

Using the Dashboard to Monitor Adherence

The Adherence tab on the dashboard shows important information regarding participants' data collection. View which types of data your participants are successfully collecting, what tasks they are completing, and when they were last on the app. It’s a great tool to track adherence and make timely interventions.
Adherence dashboard-1

Sending Notifications for Adherence

Communicate directly with your participants through our notifications feature, found on the Participants tab. Remind participants to sync devices and complete tasks or let them know about any updated protocols.
1. Click the Vector-1 next to the Participant ID
Frame 2734 (1)
2. Type out your message. The Title will appear on the participant's phone screen. The Content will appear in the Labfront app. 
notification (3)
3. That's it. Happy messaging 💬!
Frame 2750

Walkthrough Video

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