Navigate the App

This article provides an overview of the Labfront Companion participant app.

There are three main screens in the Labfront Companion App which we'll cover below:

✅ Tasks

This is the home screen participants land on each time they open the Labfront Companion app. Here, participants can view study info, device info, and complete tasks
Connected via Garmin

Study Info

Displayed at the top are the name of the project and a brief introduction. You can click Read More to get more details about the study.

Device Info

Participants will also be able to view their device status on this page.
Connected - The device is connected to the app. 
Disconnected - The app cannot find your device. This could mean the phone is too far away from the device or the device's battery is dead. 
Last Sync displays the last time you successfully synced your data. Read more about syncing data in this article.
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Your Tasks

The tasks in your protocol will be listed as well as their schedules so you know when you should complete them. To keep track of all of your previously completed tasks, click View History.

⚙️ Settings

From the Settings screen, participants can contact Labfront Support to report bugs,  pair/ unpair their device, view the app version number, and log out.

⌚︎ Devices

Pair/Unpair Device
To link your Garmin device to the project:
Click Devices > Garmin > Pair Device > Follow pairing instructions
To remove the Garmin from the project:
Click Devices > Garmin > Unpair Device > OK
You can read our articles on pairing your Garmin and unpairing your Garmin for more detailed information. 

📄 Legal

Data Subject Access Request 
In compliance with Article 17 of the GDPR, participants have the right to personal data erasure at any point in the study. They can follow the steps listed in the app. 
Privacy Policy
Access Labfront's privacy policy.
Terms and Conditions
Access Labfront's terms and conditions.

😀 Support

About Labfront
This will take you to to learn more about Labfront's platform and features.  
Report Bug / Share Feedback
Send an email to Labfront's Support Team to report a bug, or share your feedback and suggestions. 
This is where participants can log out of the study and turn off data logging. Since un-synced data could be lost if a participant logs out, it is highly recommended participants check with their researcher before logging out.
App Version Number
In the case of a bug report or issue, you may be asked for the app version number. You can find it on the bottom right corner of the settings page. 

🔔 Notifications

Participants will be able to receive push notifications from the researcher, which can be viewed on the Notifications screen. 
Unread notifications will be displayed with a red dot and grey background. 
Participants will need to click on the notification to view the full message.
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I am having repeated difficulty syncing/connecting my device. What should I do?

Most of the time, syncing or connection issues can be solved by completing closing and re-opening the Labfront Companion app, or by unpairing and re-pairing the device from Bluetooth. However, there may be some instances when these troubleshooting steps alone can't solve the issue you're experiencing. If that happens, you can follow these steps to fix your problem. 


Can I see all the tasks I've completed so far in the study?

Yes, you can go to View History on the Tasks page of the app.


How can I log out of the app and stop data collection?

Go to Settings > Logout > and confirm by clicking Logout. Since un-synced data may be lost, we highly recommend contacting your researcher before logging out. 


How often do participants need to open the Labfront Companion app?

We recommend opening the Labfront Companion app at least once per day to sync participant data. Researchers can view the last time participants were seen on the Adherence page.