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Add a Task Reminder

With auto-reminders, schedule a task reminder for participants to receive at set times, even without an internet connection.

When you're creating a task, you have the option to set a task reminder, which will automatically be sent to participants to help keep them on track. 


We'll go over:

Adding a Task Reminder 

How Task Reminders Appear to Participants 

Editing/ Removing a Task Reminder



Auto-reminders are different from notifications, which are messages written by the researchers to send to participants. 


Adding a Task Reminder

First, you will need to create a task in the app builder.

Next, select + Add an Auto-Reminder located at the bottom of the task creation page. 



Then, you will be prompted to specify if the reminder should occur regularly or if it is a one-time occurrence, and when it should be scheduled.

If scheduling a task regularly, you'll have the option of daily or weekly reminders. 

Then, click Save and you'll see your reminder located on the task creation page. 


⏰ Note

Please keep in mind that the scheduled time will be based on the participant's local time.

Participant Experience

Participants will see the reminder appear on the lock screen of their smartphone. 

When the reminder is clicked, participants will be taken directly to the task in the Labfront Companion app. 



🔔 Note

Reminders will not appear on the Notifications/Messages page.


Editing / Removing a Task Reminder

When editing a live project, you can also edit and/or remove your task reminders.

From your workspace, click View Project Summary > Edit Project


Project Dashboard (1)

Then, select the task you would like to edit the reminder for. You will see the active reminders at the bottom of the task page. 

Task Reminder - Edit 1

To edit the task reminder, simply click on it and make the necessary changes. Click Save when finished. 

To remove a task reminder, click Remove this Reminder and confirm. 


Setup task reminder


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