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Part 2: Your First Labfront Project

Learn how to sign up for a Labfront account, create a project in your workspace and build your customized app.


📖 Getting Started With Labfront Guide

In Part 2, we'll cover how to:

  • Sign up for Labfront
  • Create a project in your workspace
  • Build and publish your customized app for participants  

1. Sign Up

First up, you’ll need a free Labfront account. Go to app.labfront.com to sign up.
When you sign up, you'll receive a verification email. Enter the number provided in the email to activate your Labfront account.
Once you've successfully signed up, sign in to Labfront to be taken to your Workspace where you can add collaborators and create projects.
project_list (1)

2. Create a project

Next, you're going to build a project from scratch. To create a new project, select + Create New Project button.
Group 2436
Give your project a name.
Now you're in the App Builder, where you'll build your customized Labfront app for participants.
App Builder

3. Build Your App

Now we can start building the app. The details you enter here will be what participants see when they open your project using the Labfront Companion app. As you build out your project, you'll see a preview of what your customized Labfront app will look like to the participant. 

Please follow the steps below to build your app:

3.1 Enter Project Details

This is where you'll write information about your project for your participants.1 About Project

3.2 Choose Device + Data

Add Device

The next step is to choose the research device you'll use for collecting the physiological data. Click + Add Device(s).
add device screenshot

Select Data Source

For Garmin devices, you'll choose the source you want to collect data from. You have the option of collecting physiological data from either or both Garmin Connect and Labfront Companion apps. We recommend taking the short quiz below to get an idea of which data source is right for your study and what the experience will be like for your participants. 
Select Data- Both@2xcompressed

3.3 Setting Up Participant Tasks

Here you can create tasks for participants to complete throughout your study.  The tasks will normally correspond with the research protocol for your project. You can choose Questionnaire, To-Do, and Timer Tasks. All are time-stamped and integrated with sensor data collected through our platform.
Participant Tasks@1.5

To-Do Tasks

To-do Tasks are simple tasks or activities that the researcher would like the participants to complete.  These tasks are displayed to participants within the Labfront Companion app.
  • Complete an exercise activity each day
  • Do a meditation session once a week


A questionnaire task is useful if you need your participants to complete one or more questionnaires during the project. 
  • Mood questionnaire
  • Sleep diary

Timer Tasks

A timer task is useful if you want to specifically track the time of an activity. The participant completes the task using the app's built-in timer.
  • Go for a 15-minute run
  • Do a deep breathing exercise for 5 minutes

3.4 Add Instructions and Contact Info

Finally, you'll need to add brief participant instructions and contact information for them to get in touch during the project.
4 Instructions

5 Contact

4. Finish Setup and Publish Your App

When you're happy with the content and all required fields are complete, click Finish Setup to publish your app!
Frame 2735
Now that your app is published, you'll be able to invite participants to use the app to start capturing data.

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