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Set Up Participant Tasks

Learn how to set up to-do tasks, timer tasks, and questionnaires in Labfront's App Builder.

You've added a device and chosen your data source. Now it's time to create tasks for participants to complete throughout your study.  The tasks will normally correspond with the research protocol for your project. 

We'll cover: 


Types of Tasks

You can create Questionnaire, To-Do, Timer, Movesense Tasks, and Garmin Streaming Tasks (ACC). Each type of task can be set as one time only or repeatable throughout the duration of the project. All tasks are time-stamped and integrated with sensor data collected through our platform.

You'll only see the option to create a Movesense Task if you've added a Movesense device to your project.  Learn more about creating a Movesense Task→


All Tasks
To-Do Tasks
To-do tasks are simple tasks or activities that the researcher would like the participants to complete.  These tasks are displayed to participants within the Labfront Companion app.
Examples of a to-do task might be:
  • Complete an exercise activity each day
  • Do a meditation session once a week 


A questionnaire task is useful if you need your participants to complete one or more questionnaires during the project. For example, at the beginning of your project, you may want a simple questionnaire to collect information from participants. Another example would be a mood questionnaire or sleep diary that you’d like them to complete each day.
The advantage of using Labfront questionnaires is that you can use the Adherence Dashboard to monitor whether participants have completed their questionnaires.  You can also download each participant’s questionnaire data along with the physiological data, so your data is all in one place. 

Timer Tasks 

A timer task is useful if you want to specifically track the time of an activity. The participant completes the task using the app's built-in timer.
Some examples:
  • Go for a 15-minute run
  • Do a deep breathing exercise for 5 minutes

Movesense Tasks

If you've added a Movesense device to your project, you'll need to create a Movesense Task to collect ECG/IMU sensor data. 
Garmin Streaming Tasks
While Garmin smartwatches collect most data types continuously in the background, if you're collecting Garmin's raw accelerometer data, participants will need to manually start and stop data collection through a Garmin Streaming Task.

    Setting Up Tasks


    • Labfront has an Autosave feature, so your work is saved automatically.
    • As you create your tasks, you'll see a preview of what they will look like to the participant on their Labfront app

    Creating a Task

    1. For each type of task, you will need:

    • Task Name - Choose an easy-to-understand name for this task
    • Schedule - Should this task be completed one time only or is it repeated?
      • Enter when the participant should complete the task (For example: Once every day, On the first day of the study, or No Specific Date)
    • Task Description - Provide a brief description of the task letting participants know what they need to do
    • Color - Choose the color of the task to make it easier to distinguish between multiple task cards



    You will also have the option of adding an auto-reminder to the task in order to help participants remember to complete the task when scheduled. 

    Learn more about automatic task reminders→ 



     2. Once you have entered the required information, click Save.*

    To-Do Task Interface



    For questionnaire tasks, you will need to create a questionnaire before saving. 


    Creating a Questionnaire

       a. Click + Create New Questionnaire.
    Add Questionnaire Task
    b. Add a Section Title and Description (This is required and will be used as the title of the       Questionnaire)
    Frame 2743
    c. Choose from multiple-choice, date, date-time, time, multiple-selection, and open questions. Save when finished typing your questions. 
      Questionnaire (3)

    Currently, entering a task is a required field in order for your study to be published. If you have no required tasks in your protocol, we recommend creating a simple To-Do Task such as Wear your Garmin.


    Duplicating Tasks

    To make it easier when setting up similar tasks, you have the option to duplicate a task. Simply click on the kebab-3 menu and select Duplicate. You can then edit the task as necessary. 


    Duplicate Task - 1

    Duplicate Task- 2


    Tip 💡

    To learn more about monitoring your participants' task completion, we recommend checking out our article on how to track adherence on the Labfront dashboard


    Participant Task FAQs


    Can I see which tasks participants have completed?
    Absolutely! You can view task adherence on the Adherence tab of your dashboard. 
    Can I add a task after my study is published?
    Yes! You can edit your project and add a task. We recommend sending a notification to participants to make them aware of the change.
    Can I add a link to a task for participants to click on, such as a YouTube video?
    Yes, links can be added to a task. You will need to enter the full URL. 
    Can I delete a task after my study is published?
    It's not currently possible to delete a task after a project has been published, but you can hide a task, which serves a similar function. When you hide a task, it will no longer appear in the participant app. Data already collected will not be affected.
    Can I edit a questionnaire in a live study?
    Questionnaires cannot currently be edited because doing so would make your data really difficult to keep track of (imagine multiple versions of the same questionnaire with only small changes). If you made a mistake on your questionnaire or want to add or remove a question, we suggest hiding the questionnaire task and adding a new task with the updated questionnaire.

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