Labfront 1 to Labfront 2: Transition FAQs

We'll address the most frequently asked questions about the transition from Labfront 1 and PhysioQ to Labfront 2.


How can I get started on Labfront 2?
We're currently onboarding users from the waitlist on a first-come, first-served basis. You can sign up here
There is also a new participant app, which can be downloaded here. 
If I already have a Labfront account, do I need to create a new account to access Labfront 2?
Yes, all users will need to sign up for a new Labfront 2 account  even if they used a previous version of Labfront. 
Will the data that we collected using Labfront 1 be transferred to Labfront 2?
Data will not be transferred, but all will be downloadable. Since we made improvements to the data format, it's different from the original format and therefore cannot be transferred.
Will participants need to download a new app or can they still use the previous one?
Yes, participants will need to download the new participant app, Labfront Companion, which can be downloaded here. 
What are the improvements in Labfront 2?
The participant experience for uploading/syncing data is significantly improved, having cut down the time required for upload as well as improved the overall quality of data being captured (especially the BBI data).
There have been feature updates including notifications, live project updates, and better adherence visualizations, as well as a host of smaller improvements to the usability of things like tasks and questionnaires. We've also added a new type of task called a stopwatch task.
For the Labfront 2 downloadable data, it will provide the same metrics and formatting as the original version, the real improvement is under the hood, where we have been able to improve the overall amount of data being pulled out and decrease the amount of data loss associated with real-world wearable use.
For a full list of features, go to
The original version was working before, can I stay on Labfront 1?
Technically yes, but we will no longer update the application. This means that newly added devices like Garmin's Vivosmart 5 will not be available for you to use. There also may be newly introduced incompatibility errors as time goes on.
We highly recommend you transition to Labfront 2, but if your project is almost complete, feel free to stay on Labfront 1 until it finishes.
I was using the S3 bucket feature, is that available in Labfront 2?
This is no longer available but has been replaced by a developer API.  If you need this feature, please contact our team and we'll work with you.
How long will data be available on Labfront 1 for download?
We will keep Labfront 1 available until the end of 2023. If you need your data, we highly recommend you download it now. If you are having issues with downloading, it is because we deemed the project inactive and have cleared the cache to save energy. Please contact our team if you need your project data and we can restore the cache.
If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out to