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Getting Started

Resources to learn how best to create a Labfront account, set up a research project, and easily invite participants to join your project.

Users and Accounts

User and account management resources for your Labfront account.

Project Creation and Setup

Tips and tricks on how researchers can create and configure their Labfront project settings.

Study Management

Articles, FAQs, and guides covering project and participant management throughout your study.

Data Metrics and Analytics

Learn what the data from the wearables means, how to download the data, how it is organized, and how to make the most out of your data with analytics.


Advice and guidance on wearables in research. Specifically covering Polar and Garmin wearable devices.

Privacy and Security

Collection of Labfront and PhysioQ privacy and security documents to ensure your data is safe and secure. We aim for the highest levels of compliance.

Pricing, Plans and Payment

Advice and additional information on Labfront's pricing, plans and payments.

API Access for Developers

Guidelines and advice for developers who want API access to build on the Labfront platform or access the raw data directly.

Case Studies

Case studies for research projects utilizing Garmin devices and the Labfront platform.

Grants, Funding and IRB Applications

Advice and additional resources on research grants, funding, and IRB applications.

Participant Resources

General resources for participants, including FAQs and troubleshooting guides. For other issues, please contact the person in charge of your study.